Creative photographer // Leonid Burov

leonid burov

Hello! I’m Leonid Burov. You can call me just Leonid. I'm a professional photographer – the one who creates and captures the bright and never-to-be-forgotten moments of your life. .

Photography has always been my great passion and hobby. Strange though it may sound, I never even thought of becoming a professional photographer, until ... until one day, I ended up at the Academy of Photography – in a completely spontaneous way. At the Academy, the talented old hands opened my eyes wide to the wonderful and mysterious world of photography. My studying of the history of photography from its very beginning, starting with Louis Daguerre, as well as the solid experience I gained from practical classes at the Academy sharpened my preference to shooting genres. They make easy reading in my work. Photography to me became not just a profession but also the reason why I’m living.

Now let me talk about you. I know exactly why you're here. By here I mean not my site in general, but this section precisely. I know why you are still reading this article. The reason is simple: you need beautiful pictures and you are trying to convince yourself that I am the right person that can deliver the job, the person that can create something eternal and beautiful for you. So you’ve decided to learn a little more about me.

But permit me to disappoint you a little bit: no matter how photographers write beautiful and interesting things about themselves, no mater the number of titles and regalia they list in their biographies, no words can tell about a photographer or an artist better than his or her own work. Therefore, I’m inviting you to come view my gallery. It will say more than any words can. And if you like what I'm doing, then feel very free to write or call me. I’ll do everything I can to ensure that your portfolio is filled with bright and original shots.

Sincerely yours, Leonid Burov